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goetzpartners analysis – media usage in the multiscreen age

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The internet has become the leading medium in Germany and has overtaken traditional television. The main reasons for this are the increasing consumption of video content via the internet and the growing market penetration of hybrid and mobile devices. This has turned the seamless multiscreen experience into a reality – consumers can now access their content at any time and using any of their devices. There is growing consumer interest in innovative supplementary functions. Content providers now have to understand consumers’ specific requirements and usage situations and meet them with special content offerings, the integration of value-added supplementary functions and the appropriate device. These are the results of goetzpartners’ latest IPTV study that is based on a representative consumer survey conducted in Germany, the UK and France.

The internet has now replaced traditional television as the leading medium in Germany and complements it on an equal footing in France. There has been a rise of just under 19.5 percentage points in Germany in regular internet usage compared to the previous year. The main reasons for this are the increased use of social networks and consumption of video content online. “The younger target group in particular is increasingly shifting towards “media multitasking” which means the use of the internet in combination with other media,” explained Marcus Worbs-Remann, Senior Manager at goetzpartners Management Consultants and one of the authors of the study.