“Attack on the establishment”

goetzpartners experts highlight 2014 investment trends in digital business in “Focus” magazine article

An “attack on the establishment” is what the news magazine “Focus” labelled a development described as a “megatrend” by goetzpartners expert Marc Ziegler. US venture capitalists are increasingly focusing on companies providing digital competition to the traditional sectors. “In addition to commerce, education and finance are the major trends in the New Year,” said Ziegler in the “Focus” article published on December 23, 2013.

Alexander Henschel, Managing Director at goetzpartners, has observed remarkably high investment in the education sector in particular. This area was hailed as the “next big thing” ten years ago but is only now receiving “real investment”. By way of example, he cites investment of US$ 103 million in the learning website “Lynda”.

The banks are also still struggling online and are therefore in the sights of Internet investors, according to the “Focus” article. Marc Ziegler indicated that “Covestor” was particularly interesting in this respect. The US online investment management platform enables investors to select a risk type and to have their money invested by one of 150 professional portfolio managers in line with their requirements.

The digital expert is confident that the investment trend in the traditional sectors will also take hold in Germany with a slight lag.