3rd goetzpartners securities healthcare compass seminar

Molecular to imaging diagnostics – the digitalisation of the modern hospital

goetzpartners securities invites you to discuss rapid developments in molecular and imaging diagnostics increasingly at the heart of modern healthcare at the 3rd goetzpartners Healthcare Compass Seminar on June 22, 2018.

Diagnostic technology is amongst the most exciting sub-sectors in the healthcare field. Artificial intelligence (AI), automation and fast scientific progress are expected to boost the utilisation of diagnostics, resulting in an improved treatment efficiency in today’s clinical practice. With a stronger application of innovative technologies in modern diagnostics we expect a significant positive impact on public health.

While some developed jurisdictions have managed to launch integrated care models, we have yet to see fully integrated diagnostics models. Payers and service providers have not fully embraced the latest technologies in diagnostics. Hence, the commercial performance of companies in molecular diagnostics is mixed. Gaining reimbursement for single tests has proven to be difficult. While economic arguments appear robust, economic evidence is often missing or poorly explained to regulators, and necessary studies are not being carried out. The other hurdle is a lack of integration into an appropriate diagnostics platform of wider use. The lack of an integrated platform forces small innovative companies to pursue an old fashioned, cumbersome and expensive commercial scale up route.

Poor progress in digitalization of European healthcare providers, a lack of communication between them and sluggish implementation of electronic patient records represent a challenging outlook for the adoption of modern diagnostics in clinical practice.

Our London Compass event aims to discuss the hurdles and opportunities of diagnostic integration. Furthermore, we elaborate on the combination of molecular diagnostics and imaging diagnostics. How will radiology and pathology practices change? How will these future developments help healthcare professionals to accomplish their tasks in clinical practice? What will AI and algorithms improve in modern medicine and diagnostics, and what are the limitations of them?

We will discuss these topics in two panels – molecular diagnostics and imaging diagnostics. Like last year and the year before, we will bring together high-caliber speakers and various stakeholders on one table in order to discuss, investment opportunities, the socioeconomic implications of improvements in diagnostic technology and the outlook for this sub sector of healthcare. This event will shed light on this hot topic in a multifaceted way.

For more information – please get in touch with Tanya Tracy