ShortCut: Next-Level Wargaming

How Business Wargaming 2.0 enables dynamic strategy creation

What would be the best way for your organization to react if a new competitor appears on the field? How about if an existing competitor dramatically changes their pricing? These are questions for which businesses need a strategy in place before any such events occur. But traditional - and often static - planning techniques can fail to go deep enough, or thoroughly account for how competitors react in turn.

Business Wargaming is an answer to this. It combines traditional methods of game theory with digital modelling based on Big Data and can thus support organizations in staying agile and serve as an instrument for fast and dynamic business strategy adaption in the face of transformational market developments. Please find more information on further application spectrums of Business Wargaming 2.0 and on the goetzpartners Wargaming App in the whitepaper "Next-Level Wargaming - How Business Wargaming 2.0 enables dynamic strategy creation".   

Download (pdf,580 KB)

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