Corporate Citizenship of Germany’s DAX 30 Companies

A joint study between goetzpartners and Beyond Philanthropy

goetzpartners and Beyond Philanthropy have analyzed the social engagement of the DAX 30 companies and compared it to international good practices. The results:

  • All DAX 30 companies are socially engaged.
  • Although more than 500 million euros are donated yearly for societal causes, less than a quarter (23 percent) of DAX 30 companies follow a strategic approach to Corporate Citizenship.
  • 83 percent of the companies are involved in three or more topics, showing a rather limited focus.
  • In addition, only 17 percent of the companies report on the results of their engagement (KPI), thereby indicating a lack of results orientation.

You can read more here about the study results on DAX 30 engagement and how other companies are serving as “Good Practice Examples” to address the issues.

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