Business Opportunities in Urban Mobility

Market potentials in the city of the future

Smart traffic management, autonomous drones and a “mobility flat” for all means of transport: the future of mobility requires new approaches from cities as well as from companies. At the same time, this transformation presents a myriad of opportunities for companies to position themselves as solution providers for the current and future necessities of cities and their people.

But how would cities prefer these solutions to be created? What are the most pressing challenges they are currently facing and what kind of support do they need from private companies?

For the study “Connected World – Business Opportunities in Urban Mobility” city planners from 200 cities in Germany were asked about their priorities and fields of action. It comes to show that the city of the future provides a lot of market potential for companies from the infrastructure, technology, and telecommunications industry. The study names concrete fields of action for these companies and offers recommendations for cooperating with cities as well as for future business models.

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