Clear stance, clear direction

How companies promote – and benefit from – authenticity

A study by goetzpartners, 'Förster und Netzwerk' and Prof. Spitzmueller

Authentic leadership = good leadership = corporate success?

Unfortunately, it's not quite as simple as that. But our new leadership study provides clear indications of the positive effects of authentic leadership. For instance, 83 percent of the managers surveyed say that an authentic leadership stance has a positive influence on the performance of employee teams, whereas 77 percent noted positive effects on their own performance.


Moreover, the study reveals:

  • what features of the corporate environment are particularly strongly correlated with authenticity
  • how companies can promote authentic behaviour and leadership
  • obstacles to authenticity and how they can be overcome

Also have a look at the intercultural differences and how authenticity is experienced in Germany, Russia, and the UK! For the study a total of 571 international managers was surveyed.

Download (pdf,2 MB)

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