Garrett Whitmore

Garrett Whitmore

Managing Director

Management Consultants


Garrett Whitmore is a Managing Director and Co-Head of Digital at goetzpartners where he brings more than 15 years of industry and consulting experience throughout Western Europe and the United States.

He supports clients in building enterprise value and solving business challenges with digital solutions. His areas of expertise include digital transformation, digital target operating model, core business improvement, innovation and building new business areas leveraging digital.  He is passionate about using analytics and digital technology to drive insights, connect with customers and lower costs.

Before joining goetzpartners, Garrett Whitmore was also an entrepreneur, working as a venture partner to bring transformative digital businesses to the market such as Clark, Zinsbaustein, Moonfare and Recyfy.

Garrett Whitmore has degrees in Mathematics (Bachelor of Science) and Economics (Bachelor of Arts) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.