Successful carve-out management

Managing complexity and creating corporate value

In an increasingly agile and digitalized world, disruptive changes require companies to adapt themselves to new challenges. This may also include the sale or spin-off of specific parts of the company. However, many carve-out projects fall short of the expectations as they do not address key carve-out challenges and are prepared insufficiently.

To unlock the full potential of a successful transaction and to enable the new organization to survive on its own, it is necessary to align activities throughout the entire process. Unique carve-out concepts are developed and implemented by consequent operational and stakeholder management and require an interlinked, structured transaction process.

goetzpartners offers a comprehensive carve-out approach starting early before the transaction process and creating value throughout the entire process. Being a trusted advisor in both Management Consulting and Corporate Finance, goetzpartners is well prepared to support you in highly complex carve-out situations.

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