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09/08/2014 SME 2.0 – Social Media Readiness and Usage Potential

The enormous potential of social media is going largely untapped among small and medium-sized enterprises – unlike in large businesses. The average usage rate across various social media is a mere 36%, even though social media actually offer a great many usage possibilities along the entire value chain of an SME’s business. more

07/21/2014 Paywall: Pay up or hit a wall. Strategies for success for publishers in the digital age

Only one in five daily newspapers in Germany uses a paywall to date. In the USA it’s one in every two. But if they’re going to bring in a paywall, publishers also need to modify their offering. “It’s not enough to stick a price label on existing content. Publishers need to offer added value,” stresses Dr. Alexander Henschel, Managing Director at goetzpartners. more

02/10/2014 Crowdbanking: The revolution in the banking world between now and 2020. The consequences of social media for the financial services industry

German banks out of touch on social media. A new report by corporate consultants goetzpartners reveals that 28 percent of German bank customers wish their banks were more strongly represented on Facebook, Twitter and co. German banks have so far failed to make adequate use of social media. As a result they could in future lose up to 40 percent of their customers who are active social media users. more

01/27/2014 Will mobile wallets help mPayment to achieve a break through? Success strategies for market participants based on the latest consumer preferences

One device for everything – With the help of mobile wallets it should be possible in the future to transfer the functions of wallets and key chains to smartphones via app. A new study by ECC Cologne and goetzpartners has now revealed that mWallets could be especially popular among consumers when it comes to payment in stores. more

12/03/2013 goetzpartners CFO Pulse Check

'No news is good news', is what was frequently said about finance areas in the past. But like the football squad player number with the 6, CFOs have also changed: they're no longer just engaged in defensive activities such as "country-specific financial accounting", "securing liquidity" and "reporting". Instead, they are also actively structuring businesses today. Modern CFOs are now business partners and play critical roles in corporate success. more

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