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Profound expertise and experience

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10/05/2011 Workforce Strategy - Employees as Most Important Drivers of Growth

A driver of growth that has long gone unrecognized meanwhile looks increasingly likely to dry up: Good employees. Personnel is nowadays as much a bottleneck as a creator of value, and one that has the power to determine whether a business prevails in the face of competition and thereby safeguards sustained successful development. Recruiting, developing and keeping qualified personnel are therefore among the most critical and demanding strategic tasks for the future. They belong on every CEO’s agenda. more

02/22/2011 All-in-one - Hybrid devices revolutionize the living room as multimedia centers

The days when living rooms accommodated a host of different media equipment items will soon be over: consumers have long wanted multimedia centers for the living room that are genuine all-rounders. more

11/05/2010 Fibre to the Home - Attractive business opportunities for utilities

Ever increasing data volumes due to new applications require enormous investments in a glass fibre infrastructure . Estimates talk about euro 60 bn, a volume that can only be spent by numerous players in common. more