Live the entrepreneurial spirit
Live the entrepreneurial spirit

Academic Development


Continuing education by design

Learning is a never-ending process. With this in mind, here at goetzpartners, we actively foster your academic continuing education. This enables you to acquire valuable expertise that will also help you in your daily work.

Bachelor Program

Employees with a Bachelor Degree can study for their Masters with financial support from us. We only require that you meet certain performance criteria and that you have been with the Company for at least one year. After you have been with us three years, you can even study for an MBA.

MBA and Doctorate Program

When they have been with the company for at least two years, employees can study for a Masters or MBA or write their doctoral thesis. The support program provides both financial support and supervision by a coach. Postgraduate studies can be full-time or part-time. In all cases, we require you to meet certain performance criteria.