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goetzpartners FAQ

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The company

What is the goetzpartners USP?

We offer Management Consulting and Corporate Finance under one roof, which is unique in Germany. Our integrated approach enables us to advise our clients in a holistic way, supporting them with all issues along the value chain.

Is it possible to move between the areas of Management Consulting and Corporate Finance?

No – you opt for Management Consulting or Corporate Finance before you start. Both areas work together on numerous projects anyway.

Which sector and roles are we focused on?

Our clients include businesses in the TIME sector (Telecommunications, IT, Media, E-business), energy providers, the commercial and consumer goods sectors, automobile manufacturers and suppliers, the industrial goods sector, the healthcare and financial services sectors.

In addition to these sectors, we cover the areas of Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Supply Chain Management, Operational Efficiency, Restructuring and Business Transformation. These are the issues the Management Consulting area focuses on.

Corporate Finance topics include M&A, Valuation and Fairness Opinions, Capital Raising and Debt Advisory.

Post Merger Integration Services and Strategic Due Diligence/Transactional Services involve both areas of CF and MC. This means that we are able to cover all management-related issues.

Does goetzpartners also run international projects?

Around 40 percent of our projects are international. We have seven European offices and work with cooperation partners in Asia and North America.




Working at goetzpartners

Can I choose my office location?

With Management Consulting, you can choose your office location. With Corporate Finance, the recruiting location will also be your office location.

Is it possible to change office location?

With Management Consulting, it is possible to move to a new office location if your personal circumstances change. With goetzpartners Corporate Finance, a temporary (6-12 month) move is possible from the Munich to the London office when you have been with the Company for around 2 years.

Do I have any say in project selection?

Your preferences and personal profile will be taken into account when projects are allocated – and we are often able to meet with your wishes.

How big are project teams?

The average is 2-4 members per team.

How many days a week will I spend with the client?

As a rule, we spend four days a week with clients – so you will be spending more nights in a hotel than in your own bed. You will generally be in the office on Fridays, which gives you a chance to swap notes with colleagues and progress internal projects. With Corporate Finance, you don’t necessarily have to be on-site with clients, so you will be mostly office-based if you start in this area of the business.

Will I be working on-site with clients while I am still training?

Our trainees assist on client projects. Depending on how the project is structured, your work will be partly on-site and partly office-based.

Do I need to have prior practical experience in a business consultancy or bank if I want a permanent position?

Yes, initial practical experience in the consultancy or banking sector is a requirement.


Job prospects

How and when can I specialize?

You will acquire certain role- and sector-specific preferences through initial project experience. You will then extend your expertise through working in the relevant industry or service line. Specialization normally comes at Manager/Associate Director level and upwards.

How often will I be assessed?

Assessment is conducted every three months for Management Consulting and every six months for goetzpartners Corporate Finance.

What is the minimum training period?

With us, the minimum training period is two months, as assisting on client projects is not advisable before then.

Is it possible to joint goetzpartners with a Bachelor Degree?

Yes, if you have a Bachelor Degree, you will start as a Business Analyst (Management Consulting) or Analyst (Corporate Finance).

What opportunities for further education are there within the Company?

We support employees with their graduate studies, for example Bachelor to Masters Degree or Masters to MBA. It is also possible to write you doctoral thesis while working for us.

Can I write my Diploma, Masters or Bachelor thesis while working for goetzpartners?

Yes. We run numerous doctoral theses where the subject is of relevance to us.


Application process

How long should I apply before I want to start?

Ideally, at least three months in advance.

Which entry level should I apply for?

It depends on your qualifications. With goetzpartners Management Consulting, you can start as a “Business Analyst” if you have a Bachelor Degree or as “Associate Consultant” if you have a Masters/Diploma, promotion or MBA. If you are a young professional, you can start as a “Consultant”, “Manager” or “Partner”, depending on your professional experience. With goetzpartners Corporate Finance, you will start as an “Analyst” if you have a Bachelor or Masters Degree. If you have professional experience, you will start as an “Associate”, "associate Director" or “Director”.

Can I also make a speculative application?

Yes – we are always on the lookout for clever people and committed employees, so you can make a speculative application at any time.

What is goetzpartners looking for at interview?

In addition to professional expertise and analytical and communication skills, personality is also a decisive factor. If you are looking for challenges that are out of the ordinary and want to involve your personal development with working for a particular company, then you are the right person for us.

What is the best way for me to prepare for interview?

We structure the application process through interviews, case studies and brain teasers. Further information can be found here

When I apply, should I mention my preferred industry/service lines?

You can tell us if you already have a preferred area of interest. You need to state a focus area for positions of “Manager” and “Director” upwards.